A Wizard for AutoCAD .NET Addin Development A Wizard for AutoCAD .NET Addin Development It finally comes out a multi-page and real-wizard-sense wizard (AcadNetAddinWizard) for AutoCAD Addin development using the AutoCAD .NET API. It has a lot of benefits. Here are some so far: • It supports both Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010 in a single package. • It supports both Visual Studio full-fledged and Express in a single package. • It supports various .NET compliant languages such as Visual C#, VB.NET and Managed C++/CLI in a single wizard. • It supports both 32 bit and 64 bit of AutoCAD on 32 bit and/or 64 bit of Windows. • Users will not experience hassles during its installations or un-installations on Windows, old or new such as XP, Vista or Windows 7, 32 bit or 64 bit. • It works with many different AutoCAD versions such as 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 in a single wizard. • It works with various AutoCAD flavors such as AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Electrical and AutoCAD Architecture in a single wizard. • It works with all available AutoCAD localized versions such as French, German, Spain, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and so on. • It provides options for AutoCAD .NET assembly references and AutoCAD COM Interops. • It can find and reference AutoCAD .NET assemblies and/or COM type libraries either statically from a specified location or dynamically from the installation of a specified AutoCAD or its flavor of any language. • People do not have to worry about any version mismatch between .NET Framework and AutoCAD. AcadNetAddinWizard takes care of all these automatically. • AcadNetAddinWizard imports all good and available AutoCAD .NET assemblies automatically once for all without unnecessarily having people check off anything. • It imports many additional daily use .NET assemblies such as System.Core, System.Drawing, System.Xml.Linq, System.Windows.Forms and WindowsBase into the addin project automatically when the Visual Studio IDE allows and the .NET Framework version supports. • We can start up AutoCAD to debug the resultant addin project once a proper AutoCAD or its flavor has been selected in the wizard. • A test drawing can be opened up automatically right after AutoCAD starts up in case the DWG is properly specified in the wizard. • The resultant assembly when being debugged will be loaded up into AutoCAD automatically. • A newly defined command by the wizard can be specified to run automatically at the first moment in AutoCAD when things are ready. • Both Extension Application and Command Method classes can be created automatically and, better, either can be bypassed during project creation. • Besides project names, all other names and attributes can be specified at will as well, for instance, class names, command group, command name, help file, and help topic id for the command. • The addin assembly can have a more meaningful name different from the addin project name at its very creation moment. • The command can be specified as either document wide or application wide. • The command flag attribute is defaulted as the most popular CommandFlags.Modal and actually can be changed to any good combinations of the available command flags. • The wizard provides more intelligence to the command flag selections such as tooltip displaying for each flag, CommandFlags.Modal and CommandFlags.Transparent having to have one selected but not both, and much more! Give the leading edge AutoCAD .NET Addin Wizard (AcadNetAddinWizard) a try and you will feel well served even with its very first release. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B13_dQJqHUAjYjRhNWNhNmEtNWI1Mi00MTRkLTgwYjMtOGVhYjljYTJjNDNj Wizard, AutoCAD, .NET, Addin, Add-in, Development, Extension Application, IExtensionApplication, Command, CommandMethod, CommandFlags It introduces a real-wizard-sense wizard (AcadNetAddinWizard) for AutoCAD .NET Addin development using the AutoCAD .NET API. It has a lot of unique and cool benefits.


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